Golden Eggs Agency

We live

to experience the world and create memories within it

Who we are

We are an independent passion-driven events and communication agency that implements divergent thinking.

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We love

to communicate strategically, organise and produce events, manage press office activities and media relations. We achieve this by creating and developing short and long-term marketing strategies.

We strive

for excellence, successful communication of our client’s goals and positive responses within our events that enable these experiences to be remembered and discussed throughout time.

We plan

to continually update ourselves through meticulous research, ensuring that we are moving along with the times, in order to provide contemporary yet innovative communication solutions.

Our Services

Brand Strategy

We create short and long-term marketing and storytelling strategies to enhance brand awareness and reputation.

Press Office & Media Relations

We build your news and plan its release in new online and offline media through established media relationships. We ensure the visibility of key content and monitor the results on an ongoing basis.

Video & Graphic Design & Illustrations

We think up stories and make them happen. From graphics to illustrations to emotional videos. We work on the layout and its production with the aim of conveying messages that reach and build identity.

Digital & Social Communication & Influencer Marketing

We develop digital strategies and convey dedicated digital communications on every platform from webpages to social media.

Event Ideation & Management & Implementation

Building memorable events - even with limited resources - for businesses, for brands, for activities is our most challenging mission.


Our Method

Cracking the Egg

we analyse your brand and goals to create a story that is effective, evocative and memorable.

Cooking the Egg

we build an activation plan consisting of budget evaluation, audience analysis, call to action and story delivery channel.

Seasoning the Egg

we ensure the smooth-running of activities and manage operations on-site and off-site.

Together we can bring value to your brand,

discovering and unveiling your golden egg.