Lorena Antoniazzi

Lorena Antoniazzi Wish Upon A Star

Lorena Antoniazzi sustains the Perugian non-profit organisation Comitato per la Vita “Daniele Chianelli”.

The Star, brand’s icon, is embroidered in gold lurex on 500 limited edition hats which are available for purchase in Lorena Antoniazzi’s boutiques in Milan, Paris, St. Moritz, Ortisei and Cannes, as well as on their e-commerce.

Proceeds are entirely donated to Comitato per la Vita “Daniele Chianelli” in support of the pediatric Hematology and Oncohematology departments of the Santa Maria della Misericordia Hospital in Perugia, Lorena Antoniazzi’s city of origin.